In the Canary Islands we have one of the best climates for growing this fruit. For best results, you need little rain and a warm environment. The volcanic soil and climate of the Canary Islands generally make tropical fruits very tasty. This fruit is very sensitive to changes in temperature and needs a purely tropical climate.

Due to the climate of Tenerife, specifically in Tejina, where we enjoy a microclimate, we can grow and distribute papayas throughout the year.

The short transit time between our Tenerife farms and the European markets allows us to collect the fruit at the optimum point of maturity. We harvest, calibrate and send the product to the customer without the customer having to spend long periods of time in cold stores. The fact that our Tenerife papayas are an exotic fruit grown in Europe and, therefore, more sustainable and with a much lower carbon footprint than papayas from overseas.


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Canary Fresh

At Canary Fresh we are growing this exotic fruit in optimal conditions in beautiful Tejina.

Tenerife's in tropical conditions: nowhere else in Europe can you find these ideal growing conditions.

A few years ago, there was a great increase in the consumption of papayas for its flavor, its beneficial properties and its versatility. Their market share grew a lot because of this.

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Canary Fresh son cultivadores, envasadores y distribuidores de Papaya Canaria (Carica papaya).